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Factory Christmas clearance sale for customers in Thailand

By on Dec 26, 2017 in News |

Our Christmas tree sale for Thai locals and ex-pats has finished for another year, and was a great success. Many thanks to the large number of customers who visited our factory during our sale., and purchased one of our Christmas trees, wreaths or garlands (or some of each…) They were all very pleased to find such high quality trees available in such a wide variety…and have commented that it was “better than what is available in the local department stores”.    If you are in Thailand and looking for a high quality new tree for Christmas 2018 at an ex-factory price, then please be sure to visit this website again in early November 2018 for news regarding when our next annual sale will begin....

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Warranty registration and Service Request page

By on Dec 4, 2014 in News |

New Warranty registration and Service Request pages have been added to our website for the convenience of our customers to replace the previous method of sending in warranty cards by mail. For customers who have purchased a Triumph Tree tree  in Europe, please use the special link to our European agent’s website show on the Warranty Registration or Warranty Service Request pages.  That link will take you to a multi-language site that includes Dutch, French, and German languages for your...

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